Inspired by the semiconductor industry

We are building the world’s first and largest battery factory equivalent of a semiconductor foundry. Bring your specifications, or tell us what you want. We’ll work together with you and your scientists to develop a cell suited to your specific needs. With our scale, vertical integration and cutting edge process technology, we can deliver a superior product.

Form Factor

Batteries come with different characteristics and in numerous shapes and sizes

The choice of form factor, pouch, prismatic or cylindrical, depends on several factors: energy in relation to volume (kWh/liter), energy in relation to weight (kWh/kg), production techniques, production speed, cooling techniques, and advantages and disadvantages in relation to use cases.

We will offer one or two basic form factors and perfect the production of these.


Different chemistries have different properties

They determine energy density, how many times the battery can cycle without degrading, speed of charging and discharging, and more. We will offer a number of leading industry standard chemistries, which will be improved continuously. For high volume customers, proprietary chemistries will be closely tailored to fit their specific needs.