A battery will do for the electricity supply chain what refrigeration did to our food supply chain

— Prof. Donald Sadoway, electrochemist, MIT materials science


It’s pure logic

If you support the idea of carbon neutrality - taking out oil from the transport sector seems like a pretty good idea. Manned flight will take time to go electric whereas major markets like cars, buses, ferries and more will adapt quickly as the cost of batteries drop. We’re also supporting a small number of startups rethinking entirely how people can move and be moved.


Stationary storage is crucial for the transition to renewable energy

The price of renewable green energy sources has plummeted in the last decade, but wind and solar are intermittent by nature. In order to increase their share of our production, we need to be able to store energy so we have enough available, when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine. Grid storage can be located at the production site, in the power grid or in homes and offices. Peak shaving, frequency regulation and price arbitrage are a few of the many smart and important applications of grid storage.

Industrial & Consumer

The electric transformation will touch most parts of society

Everything that is powered by an internal combustion engine today, will be electric tomorrow. If it’s already electric with a lead acid or other chemistries, it will most likely have a lithium-ion battery instead. The key to this transition will be a much lower price than what is offered today. The greatest challenge to widespread adoption will be a sufficient supply that meets all the needs that entrepreneurial minds can conceive.


Currently we are partnering with, taking orders from and offering supply options to customers with volume needs exceeding 250 MWh/year.

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