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Production is now up and running! The world's greenest battery factory in Skellefteå will provide companies like Volkswagen, BMW, and Scania with huge amounts of climate-smart batteries. This requires a lot of people. When can you start?

Help us replace oil dependency with green batteries

For the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase out oil, we need lots of efficient and sustainably produced batteries. We’ve built the factory. Great. But when it comes to production, it’s the people that make all the difference. Without skilled and talented employees, there can be no green batteries.

During 2022 we’ve recruited more than 600 employees to Northvolt Ett. Now, we need even more. At least 1000 more. Operators, mechanics, engineers, quality technicians, to name a few. Join us on the journey towards a greener future. Find your new job at Northvolt Ett.

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What's in it for you?

Collective bargaining

Improved pensions, sick pay, and parental leave compensation – plus unionized job security and workforce education.

Stock purchase plan

Every employee is offered warrants that can be converted into shares in the company.

Occupational pension

Receive an occupational pension that provides additional savings on top of the statutory pension

Some of the perks of
 benefiting the planet Part 2

Full time, fixed salary

Used to fixed term contracts? We offer permanent hires. We want you to stay and grow with us.

Private healthcare insurance

Access medical services 24/7 through our healthcare insurance. Recieve medical or psychological support, and gain quick access to prescriptions or referrals — all free of charge.

Health package

To make sure you have the stamina to change the future we offer private healthcare insurance and a generous wellness grant.

Become an operator

Northvolt has been involved in developing an operator training program run by Vux in Skellefteå. The program contains both theoretical and practical elements and gives you the basic skills that you need to be able to take your first step into our production organization.

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Other key roles

Our common mission is what unites us. It creates an incredible force.

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#FirstShift – your handbook to Northvolt One

The magazine where you can get in-depth knowledge of what it's like to work at Northvolt Ett.

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Meet your future colleagues

Mixtapes is a video series on Youtube that profiles the many positions and personalities of Northvolt.

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Petra Pyhälä, Shift Leader Northvolt Ett

Petra, as one of Northvolt Ett’s first recruits, was bold enough to give Northvolt a chance. Now she has helped bring production online.

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