Our most precious commodity is no longer energy, water, or raw materials – it is time.

Sustainability Report

Peter Carlsson, CEO Northvolt

Our 2030 goals


fossil-free energy supply for production


traceability to mine for raw materials


female employees by 2030

Sustainability Report 2021

At Northvolt, a commitment to sustainability is a driving force for strategy, decision-making and action. We are open about where we stand, the challenges we face and the path we’re taking.

We invite you to see how we’re performing as we work to establish a new standard for sustainability in the battery industry.

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What you’ll find

Our Sustainability Report reveals a bold and ambitious strategy for making the world’s greenest batteries.

We aim to play a key role in the transition to a low carbon economy by delivering battery solutions which act as an enabling technology across society and industry. Here’s how we see ourselves in a world of change.

Fossil-free energy supply

Circularity in production

Selecting sustainable suppliers

Battery recycling

Holistic assessment of environmental and social impacts

Why we recycle 95% of our batteries

Recycling What if you could recover almost everything found in old batteries and turn them to new ones? At Northvolt we do.

Using proprietery technology, we’re able to recycle up to of 95% old batteries. By recovering used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for new batteries, we’ll not only save money, we’re also lowering the demand for fresh material and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

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