The Northvolt Loop

Our mission is to build the world’s greenest battery with a minimal carbon footprint and the highest ambitions for recycling, to enable the European transition to renewable energy. We want to defeat climate change without compromising with important eco-systems, over usage of natural resources or pollution of water and land. This includes sourcing of raw materials, transportation of goods, and how we run the factory. It also means that we need to foresee and prepare for the next generation environmental concerns and lead the change towards sustainability.



Powered by 100 percent renewable hydro power from the north of Sweden, our large-scale manufacturing process will produce close to zero emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. But we want to do better than that. That is why we are supporting our customers with electrified solutions to replace diesel trucks for mining operations, making our own value chain even greener, and why we want to use excess heat from the factory to recover for delivery to the local district heating grid.





Sustainability in material flows can only be ensured by careful and industrialised recycling of elements. In a circular economy, each battery cell should find its way back to the production line in one way or the other. By dismantling and recycling raw materials on elementary level, we will take care of the resources and make sure they are prepared to the quality level of refined material and safe to reintroduce in the production line.