Fast cars, rugged LCVs, strong trucks, and buses that can handle the everyday endurance of modern public transport. We supply leaders in transportation with standard as well as tailored battery cells to suit their particular purposes.


Solar and wind power, electric cars, saunas, and cranes. Batteries are crucial in remaking our grid into the clean, distributed, flexible and robust system our future needs – and at a cost past solutions simply can’t match.


Electric power will replace the combustion engine: remove toxic fumes from agriculture and mining, and noise pollution from construction and cities. Ships, trains and planes too will all electrify and deliver sustainable transport to our world’s ever moving population.


Power tools, forestry equipment, garden & home appliances. This large battery market will keep growing, adding everything that’s still powered with a cord or gas engine. Silent, sustainable and packed with power, batteries rule the future.


Besides working with the big change-makers we also try to lend a helping hand to the new kids on the block.