The next generation of battery manufacturing

We are building the next generation lithium-ion battery factory with a new concept focusing on scale, vertical integration and highly controlled manufacturing. The execution is fundamentally different compared to current battery production facilities. We are dedicated to creating a circular system, and have the highest ambitions for life cycle management. Our approach covers cradle to grave. Building the factory in Sweden, given its carbon free power base, will enable us to rely on fossil free and inexpensive energy.

As an initial step we will set up Northvolt Labs, which includes a demonstration line and R&D facility, that will be used to qualify and industrialize products and processes together with our customers. Once cells are ready for mass production, they will be produced at the large-scale factory, Northvolt Ett.

Vertical integration

Compared to traditional lithium-ion battery manufacturers, our production process spans across many portions of the value chain and the factory is designed to achieve optimal scale benefits. It gives us a structurally lower cost level also allows for a high degree of cost and quality control.

Northvolt Ett

Our first large-scale battery factory will be established in Skellefteå in northern parts of Sweden. Skellefteå is part of a raw material and mining cluster and has a long history of process manufacturing and recycling. Northvolt Ett will serve as the main production site, which includes active material preparation, cell assembly, recycling and auxiliaries. The first quarter will be completed in 2020 and the factory will at that point produce 8 GWh worth of battery capacity per year.

Start of production: 2020
Capacity: 32 GWh/year

Northvolt Labs

Our demonstration line and research facility will be established in Västerås, 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Västerås has a strong standing within energy and electrification. It is home to several multinational companies, including ABB, with world class engineering and R&D competence in electrification and process optimization. Northvolt Labs will be used to qualify and industrialize products and processes together with our customers.

Start of production: 2019
Capacity: 350 MWh/year

Northvolt Battery Systems

Our facility to build battery modules and energy storage solutions will be established in Gdańsk, Poland. It will consist of a state-of-the-art production facility, including a R&D center. Gdańsk is home to a cluster for the electromechanical industry and it has proximity to a strong supply chain eco system, labor markets and end-customers in continental Europe.

Start of production: 2019
Initial capacity: 10 000 modules/year