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In 2017, we announced a bold and simple plan: to enable the future of energy by developing the world’s greenest battery cell and establish a European supply of batteries.

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Our mission:Make the world's greenest battery

Our mission is to build the greenest battery in the world with a minimal carbon footprint and the highest ambitions for recycling to enable the European transition to renewable energy.

Our vision:Enable the future of energy

To accelerate the transition to a decarbonized future, Northvolt is supplying sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems by building Europe’s largest li-ion battery factory.


Västerås, Sweden


Skellefteå, Sweden


Gdańsk, Poland

NorthvoltBattery Systems

Stockholm, Sweden


The timeline

June 2021

Northvolt raises $2.75 billion in equity to finance expansion of Northvolt Ett to 60 GWh

March 2021

Volkswagen places a $14 billion battery cell order with Northvolt

March 2021

Acquires U.S. battery technology company Cuberg to commercialize next-generation battery cells

February 2021

Northvolt Poland Energy Storage expansion announced

December 2020

Environmental permit secured for Northvolt Ett expansion to 60 GWh.

September 2020

Northvolt signs an equity raise of $600 million to support development of production capacity, expansion of Northvolt Labs Campus and a full-scale recycling facility at Northvolt Ett.

July 2020

Northvolt signs a debt raise of $1.6 billion to support development of production capacity and additional initiatives in recycling and R&D.

June 2020

Hydro and Northvolt launch Hydrovolt – a joint venture to establish an electric vehicle battery recycling facility in Norway in 2021.

May 2020

Northvolt launches a mobile energy storage solution – Voltpack Mobile System.

December 2019

Northvolt launches its recycling program, Revolt.

October 2019

Structural construction work begins at Northvolt Ett. Northvolt surpasses 500 employees.

June 2019

Northvolt completes an equity capital raise of $1 billion for development of Northvolt Ett.

April 2019

Northvolt receives a second environmental permit, extending Northvolt Ett production capacity to 16 GWh/year. Northvolt's Battery Systems team assembles its first stationary energy storage unit, Voltrack.

March 2019

Northvolt R&D facilities produce the company's first prismatic cell.

January 2019

Surpassing 200 employees, Northvolt has three factories under development.

October 2018

Northvolt commences development of Northvolt Battery Systems Jeden, in Gdansk, Poland – a facility designed for industrialization and assembly of battery modules and solutions.

June 2018

Northvolt receives the environmental permit for Northvolt Ett. Ground preparations in Skellefteå began the next day.

April 2018

Northvolt commences construction of Northvolt Labs in Västerås.

March 2018

Northvolt's cell design team delivers its first test cell through collaboration with external partners in Japan. Surpassing 100 employees, Northvolt represents over 30 different nationalities.

February 2018

Northvolt's Battery Systems team completes development of its first battery module prototype.

September 2017

A recycling program is initiated with Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, with the aim to industrialize the recycling process of lithium-ion batteries.

October 2017

Northvolt confirms its gigafactory, Northvolt Ett, will be built in Skellefteå and a demonstration factory and research facility, Northvolt Labs, will be established in Västerås, Sweden.

March 2017

Northvolt is officially launched at its headquarters in Stockholm.

January 2017

Northvolt closes an initial funding round of $12 million.

October 2016

Northvolt is founded with the mission to build the world's greenest battery to enable the European transition to renewable energy.

Martin Anderlind

Chief Talent Officer

Peter Carlsson

Chief Executive Officer

Paolo Cerruti

Chief Operating Officer

Sofia Graflund

General Counsel

Alexander Hartman

Chief Finance Officer

Christofer Haux

Vice President Automotive & Foundry

Fredrik Hedlund

Vice President Northvolt Ett

Landon Mossburg

Chief Digital Officer

Emma Nehrenheim

Chief Environmental Officer

Yasuo Anno

Chief Development Officer

Jesper Wigardt

Vice President Communications & Public Affairs

Emad Zand

President Battery Systems


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