Based on your electrification strategy, together we figure out the best short, medium and long term combination of standard or custom cells, systems, connectivity and data analytics opportunities.


A battery cell manufacturer at heart, Northvolt offers high-performance Energy, Power and Life cells with our first-generation Lingonberry chemistry, available in Cylindrical 21/70 and Prismatic PHEV2 formats.

Custom cells

Optimized for particular applications, we customize and deliver customer proprietary chemistries, cell designs and form factors.

Battery systems

Modular components and complete scalable systems. We offer a range of building blocks, packs and racks as well as complete scalable systems to support your battery business needs.

Our systems

Validated designs, high volume manufacturing and continuous improvements.



Deep cell traceability together with connected systems and customer field usage patterns, open up a wealth of opportunities to continuously improve: design, sourcing, manufacturing, safety, performance, cycle life, predictive maintenance, total cost of ownership and much, much more.