Work. It’s where we spend most of our lives. But it can also be a place where you come to life. At Northvolt, we’ve come to realise that with great purpose comes great power. The tougher the problem we solve, the more we evolve. That’s what we offer: The opportunity to grow as a person, taking pride and responsibility in making the world’s greenest batteries at a massive scale. Are you ready to rise to the task, tackling one of humankind’s toughest problems? Just say the words:

How we inspire

We’re here to make oil history

Northvolt is one the world’s fastest-growing cleantech companies. We move fast because the climate clock is ticking and we know that we can make a difference.

As green tech pioneers we create a brighter future by revolutionizing and setting a global benchmark for sustainability in the battery industry.

How we inspire
How we act

We use our purpose as our power

At Northvolt, passionate problem-solvers from all around the world unite to make a meaningful impact and shape history together. We have an entrepreneurial spirit where everyone needs to contribute, be driven and dare to make bold decisions.

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How we grow

We level up together

Being a Northvolter is a constant journey in personal and professional growth. With knowledge and skills from all over the world, we share insights, ideas and boost each other. Even when we fail. And when we succeed, we sure know how to celebrate.

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Life at Northvolt