Electric power will replace the combustion engine, remove toxic fumes from agriculture and mining, and noise pollution from construction and cities. Ships, trains and planes will all electrify and deliver sustainable transport to our world’s ever-moving population.

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Zero-emission mining with hot-swap battery exchange of electrified machinery


Noise and emission reduction to surroundings

Material handling

Quick charging make operations more economical, safe and sustainable


Reduces emission of CO2, NOx, and particles to nearby urban areas.


More efficiency, better traction, lower costs and lower ground pressure


Electrified vehicles reduce environmental impact from ground operations

Portable energy. Delivered.

The Voltpack Mobile is a scalable and portable battery solution. With a rugged design to withstand even accidental drops, this high density solution delivers industry leading performance to meet a wide range of instant power needs.

Introducing Voltpack Mobile

Battery vs Diesel

Besides delivering full power output in the blink of an eye, Northvolt battery systems carry some other big advantages.

No pollution

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a thing of the past.

Less noise

No need for ear protection. Enjoy the silent hum of the Voltpack.

Low maintenance

By removing the engine from the equation, so does your service needs.