Legislating a new industry

In pursuit of establishing a new European industry surrounding batteries, it’s natural that we also must develop new legislation surrounding how batteries exist in the market. In defining this new landscape of policy, we have the chance to do things differently – to ensure that unlike the industries it’s replacing, this industry is a truly sustainable one.

Our position papers

CO2 labelling

Transparency through labels

Not all batteries are created equal. We believe consumers should know who produced their batteries and how much CO2 is associated with each and every cell. To ensure labels are meaningful, it’s important that methodologies are right. We’ve thought long and hard about the matter, and here’s what we found.

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Closing the loop

As of July 2021, the EU is developing legislation governing the recycling of batteries. This a necessary and we support the work, but frameworks must be clear and effective. Here’s what we propose.

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