Northvolt Labs

Leading Europe’s battery industry

Home to our battery R&D and cell development projects, Northvolt Labs is a campus of facilities to drive innovation in battery technologies.


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A campus for battery technologies

From materials science, battery R&D and cell manufacturing, to full validation facilities and customer meeting spaces, at Northvolt Labs we have it all in one place.

A platform for cell industrialization

At Northvolt Labs we run cell development projects. We begin with cell design and move through sample production phases to mature the product. After validation, cells are ready for mass-manufacturing at our gigafactories.

Cell design

Sustainable by default, we design cells to meet customer requirements.

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Cell sample production

Production begins and cell samples are delivered to customers.

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Designs and production processes are optimized to ensure cells are meeting specification.

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On-site facilities provide capabilities for evaluating cells for safety, robustness and lifetime performance.

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Final design

Once all specifications are met, designs are ready for mass-manufacturing at our gigafactories

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Manufacturing process development

Northvolt Labs acts as a platform for innovating and refining new cell manufacturing technologies and processes. What we perfect here goes on to enable more efficient production lines in Northvolt gigafactories.

All in one place

Cell production

Northvolt Labs hosts a full production setup. Upstream we produce cathode active material. Downstream we produce anode and cathode electrode and cells of varying formats to the specification of our customers.

Cathode science

Key to our vertically integrated setup, we design and produce our own cathode materials. It is at the Cathode Material Lab where at much of critical research takes place.

Lifecycle & safety testing

At the Performance & Life facility cells are cycled to simulate full lifetimes. At Safety & Environment the mechanical robustness and safety of cells is validated to ensure compliance to international standards.

Under development

The campus is growing fast, with several exciting initiatives underway. Additional production lines are under development to expand production capacities and we are also establishing a new R&D center of 15,000 square meters. A new office and additional facilities for battery technology innovation are in the pipeline too.

Closing the loop on batteries

Recycling No battery lives forever. But containing recyclable materials, they’re always valuable. Recovering used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for new batteries, we’re lowering the demand for fresh material and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

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