Taking batteries to new heights.

Enabling advanced electric mobility with next-generation lithium-metal technology, under development at Cuberg in California.

Pioneering a next-generation technology.

Leveraging a pure lithium metal anode and proprietary liquid electrolyte to solve the interlocking challenges of battery performance and manufacturability.



A lightweight heavy hitter.

To make electric aviation a reality, we need something special. Extreme energy density, packaged into something safe and lightweight. Hello Cuberg.

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Lithium-metal by the numbers

Energy density

Market-leading performance that enables advanced air mobility.

Joined Northvolt

Cuberg was acquired by Northvolt to commercialize the next generation of battery cells.


A commercial cell format for the future of electric aviation.

Key characteristics

Key characteristics

Record energy density

Ground-breaking levels of energy density

Leading power density

Enabling faster discharge to accomodate high-demand applications


Produced with 100% fossil-free energy

Lithium-metal cell characteristics part 2

Pouch cell format

A 20 Ah pouch cell designed for module integration

Ultra lightweight

Minimizing cell weight through pure lithium metal anode


Critical raw materials recoverable to battery-grade raw materials

At the cutting edge of the battery industry

We’re pioneering lithium-metal battery technology through Cuberg — a fully owned subsidiary of Northvolt, located in Silicon Valley, California.

With both lithium-metal cell and battery solutions, Cuberg is working to enable new electric mobility applications.

The team of Cuberg celebrating
Cuberg team member working at a computer
Cell production at Cuberg

External validation of Cuberg 20 Ah cells

External validation of 20 Ah lithium-metal cells has demonstrated that Cuberg technology is leading the advanced battery industry.

External validation of cell performance is crucial for mobility companies evaluating battery product fit for their vehicles.

The full validation report will be published in 2024.

Specific energy at D/20


Energy density at D/20



What lithium-metal will enable


Electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle


Propellors on an aircraft


Wing mirror on a sports car




Electric boat



What goes into a Cuberg lithium-metal battery


Nickel, manganese, cobalt

Leveraging well-developed NMC chemistries to take advantage of fully matured value chains, and deliver batteries designed for manufacturability and deployment.


Pure lithium

Ultra-thin and lightweight lithium-metal anodes deliver industry-leading cell performance.

Next-generation battery systems

Cuberg is integrating lithium-metal cells into powerful, lightweight and safe batteries for high-performance electric mobility.

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