Northvolt Ett

Europe’s first homegrown gigafactory

Just shy of the Arctic Circle, you’ll find Northvolt Ett – a lithium-ion battery gigafactory that stands as Europe’s first homegrown response to opportunities and needs of an electric world.

Power Consumption

All renewable. Equal to 1.5% of Sweden's total energy production.


9% of Skellefteå’s work force will have a job here. Plus 300 robots.

Size of Pentagon

The first phase of Ett will cover an area of 500 000m2

Green batteries for a blue planet

We’re in the battery business. Manufacturing with clean energy, our mission is to deliver batteries with a 90% lower carbon footprint compared to those made using coal energy. And we’re building them into solutions to make the world a better, cleaner place.

Our cells

The Northvolt way

A model defined by technical leadership and rooted in a commitment to sustainability.

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Our customers have the products and applications. We welcome you in to work side by side in developing tailor-made solutions.

Sustainable by default

Going green isn’t an optional extra at Northvolt. It’s baseline. Ethical sourcing, smart engineering and a commitment to clean energy behind every cell.

Fully connected

Battery management software, product traceability, remote access… all delivered through Northvolt’s software harnessing machine learning.

Join Northvolt Ett

Career. In the coming years, we will need to employ at least 500 new people a year to Northvolt Ett. It will be one of Europe’s most exciting workplaces – where chemistry, process engineering and the latest automation technology meet under one roof.

A new industry is being created – one which is key to tackling climate change. Do you want to join the fun? Come, help us build the world’s most advanced battery factory and develop a circular setup with our battery recycling factory, Revolt Ett.

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