The factory

Powering a revolution

At Northvolt, we’re developing a sustainable manufacturing base for an industrial revolution that defines humanity’s greatest challenge – eliminating its dependance on fossil fuels.

All under one roof

We’re re-writing the playbook on what it means to be a battery manufacturer by adopting a wide spectrum of battery supply chain activities in-house.

With this vertically integrated approach we’re able to ensure that Northvolt batteries are the most sustainable in the world.

Beyond manufacturing, we’ve invested deeply into software and digital competences. And we’re deploying these throughout our activities to build better, smarter, cleaner battery solutions.

Our facilities

Skellefteå, Sweden

Northvolt Ett

Our first battery gigafactory is being established in northern Sweden and serves as Northvolt’s primary site for manufacturing of active material, cell assembly and recycling.

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Gdansk, Poland

Northvolt Dwa

Northvolt doesn’t just make batteries. We develop them into complete solutions to power everything from motorcycles and mining machines, to energy storage systems and ferries. The site where magic meets reality is Northvolt Dwa in Gdansk. It's here where battery systems are assembled to meet the demands of our customers.

Västerås, Sweden

Northvolt Labs

Our research & development facility is located 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Northvolt Labs is comprised of multiple components which operate in concert to provide a fundamental platform for design, development and production of batteries.

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Stockholm, Sweden


Northvolt’s home base in central Stockholm is the epicentre of battery system design, software development and factory planning.

Closing the loop on batteries

Recycling No battery lives forever. But containing recyclable materials, they’re always valuable. Recovering used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for new batteries, we’re lowering the demand for fresh material and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

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