Sustainable. And attainable.

Our sodium-ion chemistry combines best-in-class energy density with an unrivalled level of sustainability at low cost.

The new kid on the block.

Leveraging a breakthrough in cell design and manufacturing, our sodium-ion batteries are set to accelerate the adoption of energy storage and electrification around the world.



Cheap doesn’t have to mean dirty.

Using abundant materials, readily available around the world, we’re building sodium-ion batteries that are long-lasting, low cost and sustainable. Learn how we’re doing it below.

Sodium-ion by the numbers

Energy density

The validated energy density of Northvolt’s first-generation sodium-ion cells is the highest in its class.


First sample cells available for selected customers.


Produced without any critical metals, using only globally abundant, low-cost materials.

Key characteristics

Key characteristics

Inherently robust

Stability unmatched by comparable battery chemistries

Long lifetime

Performance sustained through exceptionally high cyclelife


Produced from low-cost, non-critical, globally abundant materials

Sodium-ion cell characteristics second row


A carbon footprint unrivalled by anything on the commercial battery market

Easy handling

A robust design and deep discharge capability allowing safe, easy handling


Competitive against LFP through low-cost materials and production

“Sodium-ion will be key to reaching global sustainability goals and places us at the forefront of the energy storage industry.”

Where we're taking sodium-ion

Energy storage

Next-generation energy storage

Sodium-ion will provide the foundation for Northvolt's next-generation energy storage solutions. Delivering low-cost projects operating over long lifetimes, it unlocks new opportunities for energy storage worldwide.

Electric mobility

Cost-efficient electric mobility solutions.

Coming soon! Future generations of sodium-ion will open new possibilities to power cost-efficient electric mobility solutions.

A cleaner kind of sodium-ion battery

We’ve innovated solutions for cell design and manufacturing to enable the use of Prussian White material in our cathode. Now we intend to be the first to bring it to commercial markets.

What goes into a Northvolt sodium-ion battery


Prussian White

We’re using a material called Prussian White for our sodium-ion cathode — it’s produced from readily available raw materials, including sodium and iron.


Hard carbon

An anode unlike anything found in conventional batteries on the market today — a hard carbon produced from biobased materials.