Solar and wind power, electric cars, saunas, and cranes. Batteries are crucial in remaking our grid into the clean, distributed, flexible and robust system our future needs – and at a cost past solutions simply can’t match.

Why energy storage?

Peak shaving

Relieve congestion and provide reserves, and improve reliability with backup power.

Enable renewables

Improve integration and maximize utilization of the energy generated from solar power and wind turbines.


Create a new and more flexible grid by locally integrating renewable generation and smart devices with energy storage and real-time communication.

Voltpack Mobile

A mobile and scalable energy storage system delivering sustainable power across a wide variety of applications. Designed to provide local demand with temporary power or as a long-term plug and play solution. The modular design consists of an AC interface hub connecting up to five battery Voltpacks.

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A high performance lithium-ion energy storage system designed to enable decarbonized electricity grids through application stacking.