Code of Conduct

Our long-term success is built on strong principles of integrity and ethical practices, as outlined in Northvolt’s Code of Conduct. This is our key governing document describes that outlines the ethical values and standards guiding the actions of our managers and employees.

A transparent culture of behaving with integrity is imperative to Northvolt’s overall mission. Unethical behaviour not only hurts the company internally, but also externally and has no place in Northvolt. It is imperative to our long-term success that we maintain the trust of our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves. The Code of Conduct provides a framework for employees and stakeholders to put business principles into practice with utmost integrity.

We do not tolerate acts of bribery or corruption. And we never offer or accept anything of value in order to get business, keep business or gain an unfair advantage. Read more in Northvolt’s Anti-Corruption Policy.

In the same manner, we also expect our suppliers and subcontractors to always work ethically and with integrity. All contracts with such stakeholders must contain Northvolt’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Employees who have questions or concerns, or who think that someone may be falling short of our commitment to the Code of Conduct and to working with utmost integrity, are expected to speak up. To read more visit whistleblowing.