High-performance. Low carbon.

Building on proven foundations, we’re delivering market-leading lithium-ion NMC cells that blend all-round performance with sustainability.

Tried & tested.

Together with some of the world’s leading automotive companies, we’ve developed lithium-ion cells that combine market-leading energy density with safety and long lifetimes.

And because we can, we’re producing them with 100% fossil-free energy.


kg CO2/kWh

Where performance meets sustainability.

We’ve reduced our lithium-ion cell carbon footprint to 33 kg CO2/kWh — that’s a two-thirds reduction compared to an industry reference. But we won’t stop there. We’re aiming for 10 kg.


Lithium-ion by the numbers


Fossil-free energy powering cell production.

Recycled material

By 2030 half of what goes into our lithium-ion cells will come from recycling.


Northvolt's target for installed lithium-ion cell capacity by 2030.

Key characteristics

Key characteristics


Top-tier performance within automotive applications


Critical raw materials recoverable to battery-grade raw materials


One-third the CO2 of an industry reference lithium-ion cell

Lithium-ion cell characteristics part 2

Robust cells designed with integration into end-applications in mind

Prismatic cell formats

Robust cells designed with integration into end-applications in mind

Customized cells

Designed in-house, to specification of our customers

Common architecture

Covering all performance requirements, sizes and applications

Delivering from Europe’s first homegrown gigafactory

Today, we’re producing lithium-ion cells at Northvolt Ett — our first gigafactory, located in northern Sweden.

With an installed capacity of 16 GWh, Northvolt Ett hosts cathode active material production and cell manufacturing, all alongside our first large-scale recycling facility, Revolt Ett.

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Northvolt Ett lithium-ion battery gigafactory

“Northvolt is about developing the very best possible way to build a battery – a way that doesn't compromise on sustainability.”

What we’re enabling with lithium-ion

Passenger cars

High-performance cells for fully electric vehicles

All cars are different. Some require more power than others, some are built for range and others require fast-charging. It’s the battery that determines the performance of a vehicle. Whatever the need, we’re developing cells to deliver what's required.

Truck & bus

Optimized performance for a combination of range and lifetime

Commercial vehicles require their own kind of battery. And we have all the tools and expertise in-house to design and deliver just that. We’ve upped the lifetime of our lithium-ion cells and fine-tuned them for the operating profiles of the all-electric fleets of tomorrow.

Performance energy storage

A solution for the most demanding settings

When space is limited, a high energy density cell is what’s needed. Tapping into the high performance of NMC lithium-ion, we’re unlocking new opportunities for how and where we can deploy energy storage to enable the use of renewables.

Several of our lithium-ion customers

BMW Group

Powering a truck to the moon and back. Twice.

Together with Scania, we’ve developed a lithium-ion battery cell that delivers a full 1.5 million kilometers of lifetime performance. Certified to UL 1973.

The Northvolt-Scania cell

What goes into a Northvolt lithium-ion battery


Nickel, manganese, cobalt

Our proprietary NMC active material is key to the market-leading performance of our cells. It’s designed and produced entirely in-house, allowing us to ensure all raw materials are sourced ethically and sustainably.



Leveraging high-performance graphite to secure a combination of high capacity and stability in the cell.

Batteries made from batteries

Recycling No battery lives forever. But when they contain recyclable materials, they’re always valuable. By recovering used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for new batteries, we’re lowering the demand for fresh material and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

Introducing Revolt