Diesel engine, meet your maker.

A mobile and scalable energy storage system delivering sustainable power. Designed for rapid deployment in virtually any circumstance imaginable.


From 281 kWh to 1,405 kWh to fit the needs of every deployment.


Purpose-built batteries, quick connectors & easy handling features.

Safe & rugged

Incorporates safety at all levels of the design.


Enabling multiple applications and stacking of revenue streams.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is a thing of the past.

Cloud connectivity

Full visibility through Northcloud.

Choose your application


  • Power your events with sustainable power stored in Northvolt batteries.
  • No emissions and no noise.


  • Decarbonize your construction sites with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to diesel generators.
  • Accelerate the electrification of your construction site by boosting weak grid connections.
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  • Enable electric vehicles in dense urban environments
  • Deploy fast chargers without lengthy and costly grid upgrades
  • Bridge temporary reinforcement needs with a mobile and redeployable solution
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Distribution grid

  • Temporary power during maintenance activities
  • Deploy ancillary services at all levels of the distribution grid
  • Temporary peak shaving solution to support constrained networks
Voltpack Mobile

Mobile and scalable

The system scales through a central interface hub, which can connect in parallel up to five self-contained Voltpacks, each containing three liquid-cooled, industrial-grade battery Voltpack Cores. The hub also serves as an interface for applications, and houses inverter and auxiliary systems. If further power or storage capacity is needed, this can be fulfilled simply by connecting multiple Voltpack Mobile Systems in parallel.


Product name
Voltpack Mobile 281/700
Installed capacity
281 kWh
576–797 V (707 V)
Thermal management
Integrated liquid cooling
IP rating
1600x2000x1200 mm
3000 kg


Product name
Volthub Grid
Connection frequency
50 Hz
Operating voltage
360-400 VAC
Max supply power
225 kVA
Max load power (peak shave)
275 kW
1600x2000x1200 mm
2300 kg

Supported functionalities

Choose your function

Voltblock Mobile is a portable energy storage solution designed to provide local demand with temporary power or as a long-term plug and play solution.

Island Mode

Create a standalone grid through the inverter's voltage source mode.

Rapid peak shaving

Peak shaving of a grid connection to support short bursts in power demand. Seamless transition to island mode in case of grid failure.


Want your own grid? The system can be used to integrate solar or wind power generation into a grid of your own design.

Grid deployment

Buy or generate electricity off-peak to store and sell at peak price.