In North America. For North America.

In the Montreal region of Quebec, Canada, we’re establishing a new battery gigafactory — Northvolt Six. Here we’ll produce sustainable batteries, to power a sustainable electric future.


Direct jobs created by the first phase of Northvolt Six.

Annual capacity

Enough batteries for one million electric cars.


Fossil-free energy powering production.

Northvolt is coming to Quebec, Canada

Career Northvolt Six will be the country's first fully integrated battery manufacturing plant.

Construction of the project is expected to begin in the fall of 2023 and the first batteries are expected out of the production lines in 2026.

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“Northvolt Six will bring sustainable batteries to North America – making Quebec a key actor in the global energy transition.”

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From raw materials to electric vehicles (and back again)

Northvolt Six will host a fully integrated production setup. We’ll turn raw materials into finished battery cells for our customers and export them across North America.

Cathode production

Battery production begins with production of high-performance cathode

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Electrode manufacturing

We produce anode and cathode electrode in large rolls

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Cell assembly

Electrode is cut to size and fitted into cells together with all the other components required

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Finished cells are wrapped and packaged before being sent to our customers

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We’ll recycle end-of-life batteries to recover valuable materials for use in a new generation of batteries

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1000 hockey rinks!

We love hockey! That’s why we did the maths and learned that at 170 hectares, the site of Northvolt Six could fit approximately the size of 1000 hockey rinks inside of it.

Batteries for the future of transport

At Northvolt Six, we’ll be producing high-performance lithium-ion battery cells for electric vehicles — cars, trucks and buses.

Sustainable battery production

Environment With clean energy and access to raw materials, Northvolt Six will produce sustainable batteries and deliver them to a growing market for electric vehicles across North America.

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Batteries made from batteries

Recycling No battery lives forever. But when they contain recyclable materials, they’re always valuable. By recovering used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for new batteries, we’re lowering the demand for fresh material and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

Introducing Revolt

How to make a sustainable battery


100% fossil-free energy in production

Raw materials

Ethical and sustainably sourced raw materials

Battery recycling

Integrated recycling in operations

Supply chain

Using local suppliers as much as possible

Frequently asked questions

What is Northvolt? 

We are a European battery manufacturer, aiming to produce the greenest batteries in the world. Our head office is in Stockholm, Sweden, and we already have five production facilities in operation or under development. Northvolt Six is our sixth installation.

When will construction of the factory begin?

We will begin to prepare the ground starting this fall, but the work itself will not really begin until 2024.

When will production begin?

Northvolt Six is expected to enter production and begin producing cells during 2026, and production will gradually increase from then onward to reach full capacity in 2028.

How many people are you going to hire?

Many people! In the construction phase, it will take several thousand workers to build Northvolt Six. For the first 30 GWh phase of the gigafactory, we plan to hire 3,000 Northvolters on site to work across multiple shifts.

Where are your offices?

We have offices in several countries across Europe and our global head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. We are developing Northvolt Six out of our office in Montreal, which will also serve as headquarters for our North American operations.

What is a cell?

A cell is an energy storage device. Multiple cells can be combined to form a battery.

Can batteries really be recycled?

Yes! We recover old batteries and transform them into raw material for the batteries of tomorrow. That’s what we do through Revolt, our battery recycling program.

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