Calling all graduating students

Graduate Program

Up for a challenge? Northvolt is giving fresh graduates the chance to join our mission as part of a 6-month graduate program.

Northvolt Graduate​ Program​

We need you

Building the world's greenest battery is not an easy task. We need you to help us spearhead the electrification of Europe and directly contribute to our journey of making the world a greener place.

With this in mind, we present Northvolt's graduate program! Commencing September 2023, the program will span over a 6-month period. During this time, you will learn about the battery industry from a practical and theoretical standpoint and get the chance to apply what you have learned to real-life situations. You will work alongside other like-minded individuals and solve problems together.

Once the 6-months are up, we plan to offer you a permanent place here at Northvolt.

Intrigued? Here's what that might look like in practice:

We are looking to hire around 100 graduates spanning across our different sites. Top talent coming from all around the world working towards one goal.

We want you to learn, grow, and develop with us. You will have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled events and lectures aimed to expand your knowledge beyond your assigned team. The learning modules will range from project management and leadership training to more role specific content.

When you join Northvolt, you become part of the Northvolt family. You will be assigned a mentor within your team, responsible for making you feel welcome and answering any questions you may have. If you're relocating to join the program, we will ensure that you get the support that you need.

Relocating? Where am I moving?

The graduate program will span across several locations: Stockholm, Skellefteå, Västerås, Borlänge, Poland, and even California, depending on your team. We are here to support if you have to move to join the program.

Meet some of your future colleagues

What’s in it for you?​

What’s in it for you?​ Part 1

Full time employment

Full time, indefinite term employment after ''graduating'' from the 6-month program. 

Private healthcare insurance

Access medical services 24/7 through our healthcare insurance. Recieve medical or psychological support, and gain quick access to prescriptions or referrals — all free of charge.

Health package

To make sure you have the stamina to change the future we offer private healthcare insurance and a generous wellness grant.

What’s in it for you?​ Part 2

Collective bargaining

Improved pensions, sick pay, and parental leave compensation – plus unionized job security and workforce education.

Incentive plan

Every full-time employee is offered warrants that can be converted into shares in the company.

Occupational pension

Receive an occupational pension providing additional savings on top of the statutory pension.

Attracting talent is one thing, developing talent is a totally different story, and at Northvolt, we take this very seriously

Who are we looking for?


No surprise there, it's in the name! We are looking for fresh graduates who have recently pursued a degree in engineering. Or business. Are you available to start a fulltime position in September? Great, then you are 50% in.

Cultural fit

What about the other half? It's about our heartbeat, our core. When we recruit new colleagues, the cultural fit is a huge part of our evaluation process. We want people who are bold enough to challenge the way that we do things today, to help us reach excellence.

To succeed here, you should like the fact that you are the one who is going to develop the way we work, not wait for someone else to do it for you.

Passion for our mission

Our mission, to enable the future of energy, is at the center of everything we do here at Northvolt. We are passionate about making the world a greener place, by making the world's greenest battery. We hope that you also share a passion for our mission.​

The Recruitment Process

1. Apply

Provide us with your CV, grades and tell us why you would be a good fit for the program.

We will also ask you to complete some tests to help us evaluate your application.

2. Talent screening

A short chat with the Graduate Program Recruitment team. Here, you will get the chance to tell us more about yourself and why you want to join the graduate program.

3. Technical interview

Have a chat with a Northvolter from your future team and/or potential manager. They will try to get an understanding of your technical background and knowledge toolbox as well as how you might fit in to their team.

You may also be asked to complete a technical case to assess your skills.

4. Final interview

Here, you will meet with the head of the team you will be working in and get the chance to ask them questions.

5. Offer

HOORAH! You made it! Those who have best showcased their skills will receive an offer to join our mission around mid December/January.

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