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welcome We encourage people from all over the world to join the Northvolt journey! We have already welcomed people from more than 120 different countries, and we are looking forward to relocating even more future Northvolters.

process The process will look different in every case, but don’t panic – we’re used to it! We will support you in the necessary steps of your immigration and work permit processes, assist you in finding accomodation and offer you a settling in allowance for your first time in the new location. We also have site-specific information and check-list’s for most locations which will be provided to you during your recruitment and onboarding processes.

family If you are relocating together with a family, we will support them as well. We have spouse networks, both for job-finding and integration, and we support in processes of school finding. We also initiate family days where relocates get an even better chance of getting to know each other.

How we support

We offer relocation support with various benefits tailored to your specific case. Details may vary depending on your destination, and the recruiter will provide more information for your situation.

Home finding

We support in finding a first place to stay when moving from abroad. At some locations, we also provide temporary accomodation if necessary.

Immigration processes 

We will take you through the necessary steps of your immigration process, such as applying for a work permit.

Family support

We have started up Northvolt Family to integrate families, support with job searching for spouses and help families connect with other relocates through events and other activities.

“Going to Skellefteå was one of the boldest decisions I made, and it turned out great after we moved here.”

One mission. Several locations.

Northvolters have many homes, and there are still more to come! Have a look at our different sites to understand more about what’s happening at each location.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Northvolt help with relocation?

Yes! We support you in the process of immigration, finding a home, schooling, spouse support, and much more. We will provide you with more information about this during the first call with the recruiter.

Does Northvolt have any support for spouses?

For all Northvolters and their families, Northvolt’s Family Spouse Program provides you with all of the information you need for when you first arrive to Sweden. We also run career days where the Northvolt Talent team takes you through the job application process and gives you tips on how to successfully land a job in Sweden. Here you can also get connected with other relocators and their spouses.

Do the relocation team support people moving within the country as well?

Yes, in most cases. Our criteria for helping out economically is dependent on how far you have to move, which varies for different sites and countries. But when it comes to getting to know the city better, as well as help with accommodation and other aspects, the relocation team helps every Northvolter!

What will I earn?

We apply market-based wages, in accordance with collective agreements. More details will be provided during your recruitment process. On top of your salary, you will get the opportunity to acquire Northvolt shares at a fixed price.

Do I have to be able to speak Swedish to work in Sweden?

We're fortunate to be surrounded by many different nationalities, and until we invent Northvoltish, we speak English! But if you want to learn Swedish, we provide courses for that.

Can I work remote?

Northvolters are a dynamic workforce on the move visiting other sites on a regular as well as irregular basis. Sometimes this means it is also more convenient or efficient to spend a day or two working from a place outside of our offices. This is fine as long as we do this in alignment with our team and support of our joint projects. For production personnel that is needed by our machines, remote work is not possible.

Does Northvolt provide economic support for the transportation of household goods?

Yes, in most cases we do! Please ask the recruiter if this applies to your relocation package, since it can depend on where you relocate to.