Welcome to Northvolt Fem

In Borlänge, Sweden, Northvolt will transform an old paper mill into a cathode active material production plant.

One of few cathode active material facilities in Europe, the plant will be powered by 100% clean energy.

Fully built, Northvolt Fem will have a capacity to produce up to 100 GWh of cathode material per year to be sent to multiple Northvolt production sites.

What will we produce at Fem?

Cathode active material – the living, moving part of a battery cell. Its what allows the battery to charge and discharge. Most battery manufacturers buy active material from other companies. Not us – we make it ourselves. At Northvolt Fem, we will experiment with and fine-tune our chemistries to create the best possible active material in our batteries, in a sustainable way.

“We are thrilled to be able to open a new chapter in Borlänge’s history as a global industrial hub.”

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