Cookie Notice

What are cookies?

Northvolt uses cookies on its website. Cookies are information-carrying files that can be created by any internet-accessing unit that may be saved by a webpage so that when you revisit the page, you can be remembered. Cookies are collected for different reasons and are stored in different ways. They assist in the functionality of our website, help us understand the choices you make on our website and how we can improve.

What cookies do we use?

Here at Northvolt we use three different types of cookies.

Necessary – These cookies are required for our website to function. Therefore, turning them off might render the website inoperable.

Analytical – Helps us by collecting data points in aggregated form on how you interact with our website and its functions.

Marketing – Allows us and collaborators to tailor information to you depending on your use of our website.

Optional cookies – your choice

Some cookies we use are necessary for our website to function, others are optional. You have the right to decide what cookies you want us to store. You can do so either by the cookie banner or by declining such usage in your browser’s settings.


For any further questions or if you want information about cookies or other personal data queries, please contact