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At Northvolt, our commitment to sustainability is a driving force for strategy, decision-making and action. We are open about where we stand, the challenges we face and the path we’re taking. We invite you to see how we’re performing as we work to establish a new standard for sustainability in the battery industry.

Sustainability & Annual Report 2022

This is Northvolt’s first integrated Sustainability & Annual report. It outlines what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the challenges we face in our mission and work to enable the future of energy.

Northvolt reports its sustainability work for 2022 in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards 2021.

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Batteries made from batteries

Recycling No battery lives forever. But containing recyclable materials, they’re always valuable. Recovering used batteries and recycling them into raw materials for new batteries, we’re lowering the demand for fresh material and moving closer to closing the loop on batteries.

Introducing Revolt

Our 2030 goals


By 2030 half of what goes into new Northvolt cells will be sourced from recycling

Carbon footprint

10kg CO2e/kWh target for the carbon footprint of cell production in 2030


By 2030 we intend to women represent at least 40% of our workforce

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TCFD report

TCFD Report 2022

We published our first TCFD report in 2023, covering our activities through 2022.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2021

We published our first Sustainability Report in 2022, covering our activities through 2021.

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Green Finance Framework

To support the financing of our expansion plans, we established our first Green Finance Framework in 2022, which outlines our approach towards green investments.

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