Go north with Northvolt

Are you the future of energy?

At Northvolt, we’re on a mission to build one of Europe’s largest lithium-ion megafactories and accelerate the transition to a decarbonised future. It’s an extraordinary venture, currently involving hundreds of people from countless academic backgrounds.

As a Northvolt Intern, you’re immersed into a world rich with opportunities and challenges, surrounded by a team of world-class experts hand-picked from around the world, all of whom share a bold streak and a passion for our mission of enabling the future of energy.

This is a chance to put your skills and knowledge to the test. To step out from the comforts of school and apply yourself to making the world a better place with one of the most important industrial projects being undertaken in Europe today.

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What’s involved?

At Northvolt, we’re all about the future. And we’re looking for curious minds to help shape it…

With Northvolt Internships, we invite a team of select students to participate in a paid 9-week summer placement here in Sweden.

As an Intern, you’ll work within a Northvolt department matched to your field of studies and have the opportunity to learn from very best – dealing with cutting-edge science, engineering and manufacturing processes.

Throughout the Internship you can expect to become involved in numerous projects, carrying deliverables providing you the opportunity to shine.

Update on Northvolt Internships summer 2019

The application process for Northvolt Internships summer 2019 is now closed. We will reach out to all applicants in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who applied. (March 30, 2019.)

Engage with cutting-edge research and next-generation manufacturing

Develop yourself through real work with real problems, learning from professionals of the highest caliber

An opportunity to be a part of European industrial history and contribute to the green transition


Previous Northvolt Interns & Recent Graduates


Mazyar Moghaddam

I wrote my Master's thesis at Northvolt, then I started working here as an intern, and now I'm a full-time employee. I’m off to a great start in my career, and I get to do what I love – enabling the future of energy.


Ingrid Karlsson

At Northvolt, the opportunities for learning are infinite. No matter in which team you work, you learn from your colleagues and get inspired by them while trying to figure out ways to solve problems that will ultimately have an impact on the world.


Kenya Shatani

I’m part of an interdisciplinary team that is designing solutions and products that will help electrify future vehicles, machines, and energy storage systems.

Northvolt Employees


Galina Shubina

Previously, Google

Northvolt is a place where amibtious people come together from all corners from the world to do excellent work – leading the way in the future of energy.


Mike O’Regan

Previously, Tesla

This project is bold, audacious, and its impact will be huge: our work will help Europe transitioning successfully to a carbon-free society.