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Challenge Accepted

Meet Jenny Carlsson

In the latest episode of the Northvolt Podcast, we follow Jenny Carlsson's remarkable journey at Northvolt. Starting as an operator before Northvolt Ett was up and running, Jenny's dedication has propelled her to the role of production coordinator.

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In The Loop

Batteries 101 with Michael Wray

In this episode, Michael Wray, Manager of Performance & Life Validation, takes us behind the scenes of lithium-ion batteries, shedding light on the intricacies that power our devices. Join Michael as he breaks down the fundamental workings of battery cells, revealing the science behind their ability to store and release energy efficiently.

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The future of energy

Machine learning in production with Siddharth Khullar

The battery industry, from the perspective of both R&D and manufacturing, is data-heavy — a characteristic leaving it perfectly matched to the strengths of machine learning. This is something we make sure to leverage, here at Northvolt.Siddharth Khullar, Senior Director R&D Machine Learning, discusses AI and machine learning's role in battery manufacturing, focusing on optimization and innovation at Northvolt.

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Meet the host

Anneli von Cotzhausen Modin

Content Producer

While Anneli von Cotzhausen Modin may be new to the energy sector, her fresh perspective adds a layer of curiosity and relatability to the discussions. Her ability to ask the right questions and learn alongside our audience provides a genuine and engaging experience as we explore the topics together.