Start in Sweden. End up in Germany.

We offer you the unique opportunity to be one the first employees at our new gigafactory in Heide, Germany, and to get a head-start in the new battery industry by working at one of our facilities in Sweden for the start of your employment with us.

Join the Northvolt battery excellence program and become one of Europe’s battery pioneers!

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Ensuring excellence

Advanced Quality Engineer

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Lead the change

Technical project manager

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Engineer the future

Process Engineer

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Make it flow

Automation Engineer

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About our Battery Excellence program

The European battery industry is expanding rapidly. The establishment of Northvolt Drei in Heide, Germany is set to create thousands of highly-skilled jobs in the coming years.

We offer you the opportunity to work with, and learn from industry experts in a fully paid role for 12-18 months at one of our facilities in Sweden, before returning to Germany for a guaranteed role at our gigafactory, Northvolt Drei, in Heide.

Our battery excellence program will help you expand your skills, transition into a new dynamic industry and grow your career.

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Perks of joining the program

Perks of joining the program

Future proof your career

Establish yourself at the forefront of this exciting new industry

Boost your growth

Work with, and learn from passionated industry experts and battery pioneers

Guaranteed role

When returning from Sweden to Germany, you’re guaranteed a position at the Northvolt Drei factory

Makers of the world’s greenest batteries

We’re in the battery business. Manufacturing with clean energy, our mission is to deliver batteries with an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to those made using coal energy. And we’re building them into solutions to make the world a better, cleaner place.


Founded in 2016, we’ve been growing very fast – and will keep doing so!


People from all across the planet have joined our mission.


Northvolt's target for annual cell output by 2030

What the program will look like

Great to see that you’re interested in the Battery Excellence Program! Let us take you through the general steps of our hiring process. Note that steps my vary for different roles and locations.

Recruitment process

This process includes interviews, logical and personality tests, and sometime also cases.

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Sealing the deal

Hurray, another great colleague! Let’s make oil history!

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Moving to Sweden

Our relocation team will support you and your families move and settling-in processes in Sweden

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Your time in Sweden

You will be working in Sweden in 12-24 months, learning and working with battery experts in fully paid role.

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Moving to Germany

On to the next adventure – use your new skills to pioneer the growth of Northvolt Drei, our factory in Heide, Germany

Path 2
Path 2

Benefits when joining Northvolt

Perks Battery Excellence program 1

Stock options

Share in the success you’ve played a key part in achieving through our Incentive program – acquire Northvolt shares at a fixed price.

Occupational pension

Receive an occupational pension that provides additional savings on top of the statutory pension.

Industry of the future

Battery and energy storage industries are on the rise – having experience from these industries will be very valuable in the future.

Perks Battery Excellence program 2

Stable contracts

Stable employment conditions with many paths for career development and personal growth.

Growth & development

We will provide training, courses and challenging projects at various levels to enable and encourage life long learning.

Relocation support

We will support with finding accommodation and schooling, and moving your belongings for you and your family.

About the locations

Northvolt Ett, Skellefteå

Northvolt Ett is located 10 minutes from the city center of Skellefteå. Ett is our first gigafactory and runs on 100% renewable energy. Fully built, Northvolt Ett will produce cells for approx. one million electric vehicles on a yearly basis.

And not only do we have cathode active material production and cell manufacturing at site, our first large scale recycling facility – Revolt Ett – is located right next to our production. All this to keep distances shorter and emissions lower.

More about Ett

Northvolt Labs, Västerås

Northvolt Labs is located 7 minutes outside of Västerås city. Labs is our R&D center, where we are developing the next generation of battery technology. Here we produce, advance and validate materials and cells for our customers.

Västerås is also home to the Revolt Pilot Plant, where we are working hard to make our recycling process even better.

More about Labs

Frequently asked questions

Does Northvolt help with relocation?

Yes! We support you in the process of immigration, finding a home, schooling, spouse support, and much more. We will provide you with more information about this during the first call with the recruiter.

What will I earn?

We apply market-based wage setting. More details will be provided during your recruitment process. On top of your salary, you will get the opportunity to acquire Northvolt shares at a fixed price, as well as pension, wellness benefits and more.

Is it dangerous to work in battery cell production?

As in all production environments, there are risks. In battery cell production there are various chemicals and materials that require special training in handling and storage, as well as special protective equipment. As part of your initial training, we’ll introduce you to all of this, and thereafter provide ongoing opportunities to expand your skills and experiences to prepare you for growing into more senior roles.

What is the factory environment like?

Production of battery materials and cells requires highly controlled environments in order to assure high-quality products. Therefore, it’s important that much of the cell production process takes place in clean & dry rooms – environments that limit dirt and particles and are temperature and humidity controlled. Working in a clean & dry room is similar to working in a lab environment, and it requires specific training and protective clothing. For other parts of the production, regular personal protective equipment is enough.

Can I stay in Sweden if I like it there?

Yes, of course! We need great people like yourself in Sweden too. But main idea of the program is to ensure you learn about batteries and then come back to Germany and help us with commissioning and start of production of Northvolt Drei.