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Northvolt Labs is located 7 minutes outside of Västerås city. Labs is our R&D center, where we are developing the next generation of battery technology. Here we produce, advance and validate materials and cells for our customers.

Västerås is also home to the Revolt Pilot Plant, where we are working hard to make our recycling process even better.

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Benefits when joining

Perks Swe 1

Collective bargaining agreement

Improved pensions, sick pay and parental leave compensation – plus unionized job security and workforce education.

Health package

We offer private healthcare insurance with medical services 24/7 and a wellness grant of 3000 SEK per year.

Incentive plan

Every employee is offered warrants that can be converted into shares in the company. When we succeed – so will you!

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Relocation support

We provide assistance with household goods removal, home and school search, contact with Swedish authorities, and more!

Occupational pension

Receive an occupational pension that provides additional savings on top of the statutory pension.

Family benefits

480 days of paid parental leave. Northvolt will top-up the parental leave compensation up to about 90% of your salary.

“The people at Northvolt are driving the mission forward in a pace that I have never seen before.”

Happening at site

Cell production

From chemistry to cell assembly

Northvolt Labs hosts a full production setup. Everything from producing active material to assembling cells in a variety of formats. In upstream, we produce cathode active material. In downstream, we produce anode and cathode electrode and cells of varying formats. Labs has everything that our gigafactory has, but at a smaller scale.

Research and development

Inventing future technologies

Our vertically integrated setup relies on the crucial aspect of designing and manufacturing our own cathode materials. Our Cathode Material Lab is where we are developing the future of active material and testing out new chemstries.


Lifecycle & safety testing

The Performance & Life facility tests cells to simulate full lifetimes, while the Safety & Environment department validates their mechanical robustness and safety. Here, we work at the forefront of battery technology to test and validate our cells.


The future of battery recycling

Northvolt Labs houses the Revolt Pilot Plant, where we innovate, test, and refine new techniques for recycling batteries – contributing to sustainable battery manufacturing. If the batteries aren’t recyclable, they aren’t green.

Join the mission 
– from anywhere

Our in-house relocation team supports our employees and their families in the process of immigration, finding a home, spousal support and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you connected with the Unions? (Kollektivavtalsanslutna)

Yes, we are! For salaried employees (white collar), we have Teknikavtalet, a collective agreement for engineering companies, and agreements with Unionen and Sveriges Ingenjörer. For wage earners (blue collars), we have a collective agreement with IF Metall, Sweden's largest union for industrial workers.

Does Northvolt help with relocation?

Yes! We support you in the process of immigration, finding a home, schooling, spouse support, and much more. We will provide you with more information about this during the first call with the recruiter.

What kind of employment can I get?

Everyone employed by Northvolt is offered an initial temporary probationary period which automatically turns into a permanent position if everything is well. This provides both us and you with an opportunity to decide if the position is a good fit and ensure that we’re both happy.

What will I earn?

We apply market-based wages, in accordance with collective agreements. More details will be provided during your recruitment process. On top of your salary, you will get the opportunity to acquire Northvolt shares at a fixed price.

Is it dangerous to work in battery cell production?

As in all production environments, there are risks. In battery cell production there are various chemicals and materials that require special training in handling and storage, as well as special protective equipment. As part of your initial training, we’ll introduce you to all of this, and thereafter provide ongoing opportunities to expand your skills and experiences to prepare you for growing into more senior roles.

What is the factory environment like?

Production of battery materials and cells requires highly controlled environments in order to assure high-quality products. Therefore, it’s important that much of the cell production process takes place in clean & dry rooms – environments that limit dirt and particles and are temperature and humidity controlled. Working in a clean & dry room is similar to working in a lab environment, and it requires specific training and protective clothing.

My partner will also need a job. Can you help out with that?

Sure! We’re in contact with a number of recruitment agencies and can support your partner’s way into working life in Skellefteå. The region already enjoys one of the highest employment rates in Sweden, and aside from jobs at Northvolt, Skellefteå is seeing a great increase new jobs in other sectors.

What previous work experience is relevant when applying?

We have a wide range of departments and areas to work in at Northvolt. Here we list relevant experience for some of them:

Manufacturing associate / Process operator: Work experience in industries such as paper mills, food, chemicals, electronics, oil, and gas production or smelters and/or training as an operator from industrial high schools or similar.

Maintenance Technician: An engineering education from industrial high schools. Experience working with pneumatics, hydraulics, and automation as well as maintenance of machines and equipment.

Production Engineer: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in chemical, mechanical, industrial, or manufacturing engineering or equivalent. In addition, work experience from industries such as paper mills, smelters, pharmaceuticals, food, or refineries, is also relevant.

Quality Technician: Having worked in a lab environment before is a merit, as is having some kind of education in basic quality systems or similar.

Shift Leader: Previous work experience in industries such as paper mills, food, chemicals, electronics, and/or training as an operator from industrial high school or similar. In addition, experience in leadership and character for building strong teams and developing others.

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