Systems ⌁ Connected Battery

Building better batteries with data

From the cradle to the grave, batteries create a trail of valuable data points. By learning what’s happening inside the battery we’re able to optimize battery design and performance. It’s an approach that we call Connected Battery.

Through data, we’re changing the game by building smarter, safer and more sustainable batteries for our customers

Battery fleet management

Increasing battery system uptime.

Real-time remote monitoring of key battery components provides insights into the state of the fleet and prevents costly shutdowns.

Local and remote diagnostics

Reducing the need for specialized workforce.

Connected Battery features enable remote diagnostics on battery health and performance from a distance. It’s quicker and safer than physical inspection, and limits the number of battery specialists required on-site.

Over-the-air software updates

Improving performance at a touch of a button.

Software is key to optimizing battery performance and lifespan. As Connected Battery software evolves, so will batteries in the field which can be given a boost with over-the-air updates.

Designed for greener, smarter and safer batteries.

Granular data collection

Collecting and analyzing high resolution telemetry data from the field is an enabler for future cell improvements.

Health modelling

Cell-level telemetry is used to predict ageing which enables more precise system replacement and scale-up.

One-click diagnostics

Perform a full system diagnostics self-test with one-click and troubleshoot with detailed event logs.


Hosted in a secure AWS Virtual Private Cloud that is compliant with data management policies and cyber regulations.

Extended warranty

Analyzing battery usage history and state of health enables Northvolt to offer extended warranty.

Access management

Multi-tenant identity & access management restricts accessibility privileges on user accounts.

End-of-life management

Access to full battery lifecycle unlocks the potential of buy-back offers for recycling.

Anomaly detection

Use an anomaly detection algorithm to identify potential battery defects and limit product recalls.

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