Hyperfast charging. Everywhere.

Voltpack energy storage makes it possible to deploy fast EV chargers on a low-power grid. Easy to scale and relocate, Voltpack absorbs energy during slow hours, and boosts your charger to transfer power at speeds that improves every driver’s charging experience.

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Here’s how Voltpack pulls it off

To keep up with drivers’ growing appetite for fast charging, EV chargers require more power to charge faster. This is a big challenge, especially in densely populated areas already suffering from grid congestion. Or at remote locations where the need for high power has never existed.

Voltpack makes it possible to upgrade your power and driver experience without the hassle of improving conventional infrastructure. Its modular design makes it easy to optimize peak-shaving. Now, you can increase your charging capacity without time-consuming and expensive grid upgrades.

Increase your charging capacity on the same grid.


Scalable and portable

A mobile and scalable energy storage system delivering sustainable power across a wide variety of applications. Designed to provide local demand with temporary power or as a long-term plug and play solution. The modular design consists of an AC interface hub connecting up to five battery Voltpacks.

Rapid peak shaving

Peak shave the grid connection to support short bursts in power demand. Seamless transition to island mode in case of grid failure.

Island Mode

Power your chargers even without a grid connection.


Easy to move around with purpose-built batteries, quick connectors & easy handling features.


From 281 kWh to 1,405 kWh to fit the needs of every deployment.


Product name
Voltpack Mobile 281/700
Installed capacity
281 kWh
576–797 V (707 V)
Thermal management
Integrated liquid cooling
IP rating
1600x2000x1200 mm
3000 kg

Why Voltpack for EV charging

Quick start

Get up and running in months hours

Voltpack enables fast charging using existing low-power infrastructure. So you can start serving customers now instead of going through the time-consuming process of first upgrading your grid connection.


How bad is your grid congestion?

The switch to electric cars and renewables is good for the planet, but painful for a power grid that was built for another century. In some urban areas the grid congestion is so bad, utility companies are simply not able to meet the grid requirements.

Voltpack offers a welcome relief to a stressed out grid by enabling optimized peak-shaving for EV fast charging. Often cutting the need in half.


Redeploy instantly

Say goodbye to stranded assets. Voltpack is easy to scale and relocate. This allows you to deliver flexible energy storage to your charging station and make sure your return on investments is created where it is mostly needed.

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