Petra Pylälä, Shift Leader Northvolt Ett

After four years in the mining industry in her hometown of Skellefteå, Petra was forced to look for a new opportunities. Her employer had to lay off a large number of employees. Petra gave Northvolt a chance. When Northvolt Ett start up production in Skellefteå in the autumn of 2021, Petra is one of them.

It's easy to think that it might just be a push of a button, but the work we do is so complicated, I learn new things all the time.

What's your role in the factory? I work in the part of production called Electrode manufacturing. We receive the active material and distributes it evenly on copper and aluminum rolls with the help of highly automated machines. These rollers are the ones that later in the process become the battery's plus and minus pole. Much is automated and machine-controlled, but a solid knowledge of the staff who control the machines is required.

How is it different from other industrial jobs? My previous workplace was quite dirty, here it is really clinically clean. The work is carried out in dry and clean rooms, a clean environment with low humidity, which is a must to produce batteries of the highest quality. Working in dry rooms is really just what it sounds like - working in dry air. I was almost a little dizzy at first, but you get used to it quickly.

What goes on inside your head right now? I'm so fired up and ready to go! For the last 6 months I've been away from Skellefteå to get proper training at the our "baby factory" in Västerås. No I'm really pumped to get back home with my new collegues and start working at Ett.