Powered by Northvolt: Stockholm’s first emission-free construction site

To showcase the feasibility of electric, emission-free construction, the city of Stockholm implemented a charging solution co-developed by Plugit and Northvolt at their fully electric site in Södermalm, Stockholm.

In Stockholm, machinery, such as construction equipment, accounts for approximately 18% of the city’s carbon footprint. To pave a path towards a more sustainable future, the city of Stockholm and PEAB have joined forces to establish an emission-free construction site in the borough of Södermalm. Key to this vision is access to enough grid power to keep the electric machinery charged to work throughout the day. That’s where the importance of energy storage and sufficient charging infrastructure comes in.

In addressing this charging challenge, our collaboration with Finnish charging solution provider, Plugit, presents a powerful new solution. Powered by Voltpack Mobile technology, consisting of three Voltpack Cores, the Plugit Pro Mobile is a compact, fast-charging station with energy storage that can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for concrete foundations. With its mobility and scalability, it serves as an ideal option for both temporary EV charging needs and as a long-term, plug-and-play solution in a compact format.

When outlining why Plugit decided to partner with Northvolt, Sauli Suomi, Solution & Business Development Manager at Plugit told us:

"I am impressed by the portability and compact design of the Northvolt Voltpack Mobile and its subsystem the Voltpack Core. Its mobility and size transformed our business, allowing for seamless integration with both our mobile and stationary solutions. Additionally, its vibration resistance ensures safe operations, even in the most demanding environments."

In a demonstration of the solution, PEAB deployed a Plugit Pro Mobile charging station at a construction site in Södermalm, facilitating the use of two electric excavators. This was Stockholm’s first emission-free construction site — a pivotal step towards realizing the vision of more widespread emission-free construction.

Given the site's limited access to grid power, currently capped at 63 amps, the charging station plays a crucial role. Energy collected throughout the day enables overnight charging of the electric excavators, with the flexibility for fast-charging if needed.

Johanna Stjernström, Construction Project Manager for Stockholm Stad, told us: "We're testing the charging power with a 63-amp grid connection, storing it to charge the emission-free equipment."

The substantial power requirements of heavy machinery, such as electric excavators, often exceed what grid connections can provide.

The Plugit Pro Mobile system at Södermalm offers a solution by supplementing the grid connection during periods of high power demand to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Tobias Stenquist, Project Manager at PEAB, emphasized the significance of reliable charging infrastructure, stating, "The primary challenge with electric equipment is accessing adequate charging facilities. With the PlugIt Pro Mobile system, we can keep our machines operational all day and ensure they're fully charged during the night."

Electric construction sites in urban areas present a host of advantages. Beyond reducing carbon emissions, the use of electric machinery mitigates noise pollution and creates safer working conditions onsite.

Reflecting on the project, Johanna remarked, "Building emission-free within cities is not just a possibility; it's already a reality. This marks Stockholm's inaugural emission-free project, and it's truly inspiring to be part of this endeavor."

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