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Sweden’s capital city is home to our head office, Volthouse. Here you’ll find our central functions, as well as some of our battery systems team.

Also in Stockholm is our Systems Engineering Hub, where we develop and innovate battery systems products, including modules and packs.

Welcome to Stockholm!

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All working towards the common mission of creating the world’s greenest battery.


We believe that our diversity is a great strength.


We strive for gender balance, but we’re not there yet. Challenge accepted!

Benefits when joining

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Collective bargaining agreement

Improved pensions, sick pay and parental leave compensation – plus unionized job security and workforce education.

Health package

We offer private healthcare insurance with medical services 24/7 and a wellness grant of 3000 SEK per year.

Incentive plan

Every employee is offered warrants that can be converted into shares in the company. When we succeed – so will you!

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Relocation support

We provide assistance with household goods removal, home and school search, contact with Swedish authorities, and more!

Occupational pension

Receive an occupational pension that provides additional savings on top of the statutory pension.

Family benefits

480 days of paid parental leave. Northvolt will top-up the parental leave compensation up to about 90% of your salary.

“Everyone here is so ambitious, and we’re working towards the same goal.”

This is what’s happening in Stockholm


Our central functions hub

Volthouse is home to our central functions, housing several of the teams central to our strategic growth and development. If you’re looking to work with Finance, Communications or Sustainability, Volthouse would likely be your main office.


Developing the future of battery systems

About 5 minutes outside the city center, you’ll find the Systems Engineering Hub, located in an old remodeled post-office. At our systems prototyping facility we develop battery systems products, including modules and packs, for our customers. The team works in collaboration with other components of Northvolt Systems, in particular Northvolt Dwa.

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Our in-house relocation team supports our employees and their families in the process of immigration, finding a home, spousal support and much more.

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