All power. Zero pollution.

Through its robustness, mobility, scalability and its versatility, the Voltpack Mobile System offers a unique opportunity to power your next construction and reduce emissions – all while achieving comparable ownership costs to conventional power solutions.

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How to build without emissions

To cut emissions, the electrification of construction is key. At Northvolt, we’re enabling this in two ways. First, through the batteries that power electric machinery. And second, through the Voltpack to support machine charging. We recently demonstrated both solutions in action at Northvolt Ett, our first gigafactory. Check out what happened.

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No diesel. No emissions. No noise.

A mobile and scalable energy storage system delivering sustainable power across a wide variety of applications. Designed to provide local demand with temporary power or as a long-term plug and play solution. The modular design consists of an AC interface hub connecting up to five battery Voltpacks.

Rapid peak shaving

Peak shave the grid connection to support short bursts in power demand. Seamless transition to island mode in case of grid failure

Island Mode

Power your construction site even without a grid connection


Easy to move around with purpose-built batteries, quick connectors & easy handling features


From 281 kWh to 1,405 kWh to fit the needs of every deployment


Product name
Voltpack Mobile 281/700
Installed capacity
281 kWh
576–797 V (707 V)
Thermal management
Integrated liquid cooling
IP rating
1600x2000x1200 mm
3000 kg

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