We're here to make oil history

Being a Northvolter is a constant journey in personal and professional growth. With knowledge and skills from all over the world, we share insights, ideas and boost each other. Even when we fail.

And when we succeed, we sure know how to celebrate!

Collaboration, kindness, and problem-solving is the way of life at Northvolt. We take each other to the next level by challenging and supporting one another.

This sets the stage for how we get things done: We take ownership, we grow with our tasks, and we go to work knowing we make a difference that matters.

Some numbers to back it up


fossil-free energy supply for production


Northvolt's ambitious goal for 2030. That's less than 10g per charge.

Recycled material

By 2030 half of what goes into new Northvolt cells will come from old batteries.

Sustainability & Annual Report 2022

This is Northvolt’s first integrated Sustainability & Annual report. It outlines what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the challenges we face in our mission and work to enable the future of energy.

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More on walking the talk

Closing the loop on batteries

REVOLT Scaling battery recycling in parallel to a ramp-up in battery manufacturing capacity is at the core of our plans to embed sustainability into the emerging European battery industry.

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A greener kind of battery factory

NORTHVOLT ETT We’re driving a new standard for industrial ownership and responsibility towards the environmental impacts of manufacturing. Siting Northvolt Ett battery gigafactory in northern Sweden to harness a clean energy supply was just the beginning.

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Driving new battery legislations

ENVIRONMENT The European Commission adopted its proposal for a new EU regulation for batteries. With it comes a chance for Europe to take the lead on setting the global standard for sustainability in battery industries.

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“By showing that circular production is possible, we influence other battery manufacturers to do the same.”

Life at Northvolt