We level up together

Being a Northvolter is a constant journey in personal and professional growth. With knowledge and skills from all over the world, we share insights, ideas and boost each other. Even when we fail.

And when we succeed, we sure know how to celebrate!

Collaboration, kindness, and problem-solving is the way of life at Northvolt. We take each other to the next level by challenging and supporting one another.

This sets the stage for how we get things done: We take ownership, we grow with our tasks, and we go to work knowing we make a difference that matters.

Growth at Northvolt


Annual plan & goals

For us to achieve our mission of making oil history it needs to be crystal clear to every Northvolter what is expected of them, both in terms of their role and acting in accordance with our values.

Performance is not one or the other, it is always both. Designed with this in mind, MyFOCUS is an annual program that outlines our approach to performance and allows employees to track their personal and professional goals together with their manager.


Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse is our in-house education platform, which started its development in the beginning of 2022 with the ambition to create the next generation of homegrown battery experts. Northvolt has, since the start, been successful in globally recruiting top competence – now it’s time to multiply that talent.

We are therefore launching a unique educational ecosystem for our employees, to both those who already have a background in the battery industry, and those who are just getting started.

“I’ve had the opportunity to build my team from scratch and develop it.”

Our thoughts on leadership

Making the workplace meaningful

We believe in building people and engagement by a commonly defined framework of leading self, leading others and leading a sustainable business based on solid research. We have built our leadership expectations around 5 key areas to drive engagement in the workplace:



Caring leaders

Ongoing conversations

Focusing on strengths

Life at Northvolt