We use our purpose as our power

At Northvolt, passionate problem-solvers from all around the world unite to make a meaningful impact and shape history together.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit where everyone needs to contribute, be driven and dare to make bold decisions.

We are on a mission with a challenging journey ahead, because the path of a pioneer is not always straightforward. Our inclusive and diverse culture energizes us and gives us multiple perspectives, which is crucial to our success.

The importance of our mission and respective responsibilities make every day crucial – and rewarding.

Northvolt by the numbers


Founded in 2016, we’ve been growing very fast – and will keep doing so!


People from all across the planet have joined our mission.


We strive for gender balance, but we’re not there yet. Challenge accepted!

How we do things around here


  • We challenge the status quo
  • We take calculated risks
  • We speak up


  • We have purpose as our superpower
  • We win and lose together
  • We make the journey fun


  • We never compromise with safety or quality
  • We act on what truly matters
  • We are as smart with time and money as we are with Earth’s resources

“You can see how the team is really working for a purpose. They believe truly in this project.”

How we do things around here

How we do things around here pt.1

Inclusive hiring

We hire the best people, no matter their gender, religion, sexual orientation or where in the world they were born or are located

Common language

We're fortunate to be surrounded by many nationalities and until we invent Northvoltish, we speak English!

Yearly Belonging Survey

To keep improving we send out a yearly feedback survey on the perception of how each employee feels included and belonging at Northvolt

How we do things around here pt.2

Weekly CEO-update

Our founder Peter Carlsson does a live stream every week to loop everyone in on the lastest news in company to keep everyone included and up to speed

Lunch & Learn

We invite inspirational and knowledgeable guests to Northvolt to bring on new perspectives and skills

Respect in Workplace

We have mandatory courses regarding Inclusion & Belonging for all employees to make sure everyone feels psychological safety at work

The Northvolt way


How we behave

We're a diverse group of individuals, united by a common mission. We believe that every Northvolter has to take ownership in driving the company forward, but we always seek to move forward as a team. That means we show empathy, treat one another with respect and care for everyone’s wellbeing. In creating an inclusive culture, we are all role models.

Incentives program

How we share our future with our employees

As a part of our offer, we provide future employees with the opportunity to buy options in Northvolt. An option incentive gives you the right to buy stocks in Northvolt at a fixed price in the future. It’s our way of offering all permanent employees the possibility to share in the future success of this company.


How we recharge

Besides having at least 25 days of paid vacation yearly, and having various after-work events, we also recharge during work hours. Fruit, coffee, tea, and snacks are to be found in all Northvolt facilities free for all employees. Northvolters are also offered more energizing activities such as online yoga or running groups with colleagues. Or why not learn cross-country skiing with your team?

Life at Northvolt