Safety first!

Mission connection The Health, Safety and Environment teams ensure that Northvolt employees work in a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment.

Characteristics They implement and sustain local health and safety standards across their site, and educate Northvolters on health and safety practices. They also make sure that we stay true to our mission in having a green mentality, and that our waste is handled in a sustainable manner. 

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  • Stroke 1 Health and Safety Specialist
  • Stroke 1 Environmental and Energy Manager
  • Stroke 1 HSE Officer
  • Stroke 1 Fire Station Manager
  • Stroke 1 Fire Safety Specialist
  • Stroke 1 Chemical Compliance Coordinator

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Working at Northvolt

How we inspire

Northvolt is one the world’s fastest-growing cleantech companies. As green tech pioneers we create a brighter future by revolutionizing battery manufacturing and setting a global benchmark for sustainability in the industry.

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How we act

At Northvolt, passionate problem-solvers from all around the world unite to make a meaningful impact and create the future of energy together. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and expect everyone to contribute.

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How we grow

Being a Northvolter is a constant journey in personal and professional growth. With knowledge and skills from all over the world, we share insights, ideas and boost each other. Even when we fail.

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