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Mission connection Manufacturing engineers create and develop our production and recycling processes to manufacture the world’s greenest lithium-ion battery cells and systems.

Characteristics Working as a manufacturing engineer at Northvolt entails a lot of problem-solving and cross-functional work to maximize yield and minimize waste. They are the ones ensuring that our processes are as efficient as possible.

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  • Stroke 1 Manager Manufacturing Engineering
  • Stroke 1 UMS Engineer
  • Stroke 1 Production Engineer
  • Stroke 1 Factory Engineering Lead
  • Stroke 1 Documentation Engineer
  • Stroke 1 Maintenance Engineer
  • Stroke 1 Process Engineer
  • Stroke 1 Electrical Design Engineer
  • Stroke 1 Adhesive Manufacturing Engineer

Roles in focus

Production Engineer

They are the main bridge between the commissioning phase and production ramp up. They work closely with the Process Engineers and the Process teams as they finalize commissioning and prepare for the Production team to take over the lines. Once production has started, the Production Engineers review the lines’ performance and yield and launch projects to reduce top losses in both categories.

Process Engineer

Our Process Engineers are a cross-functional Northvolt team. They work with suppliers and equipment design after purchase orders, all the way through FAT at the supplier site to commissioning and process engineering before handing over to manufacturing. They ensure that commissioning lessons learned are translated into future improved design.

“I grew up by the coal mines, this is how I set things straight.”

Working at Northvolt

How we inspire

Northvolt is one the world’s fastest-growing cleantech companies. As green tech pioneers we create a brighter future by revolutionizing battery manufacturing and setting a global benchmark for sustainability in the industry.

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How we act

At Northvolt, passionate problem-solvers from all around the world unite to make a meaningful impact and create the future of energy together. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and expect everyone to contribute.

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How we grow

Being a Northvolter is a constant journey in personal and professional growth. With knowledge and skills from all over the world, we share insights, ideas and boost each other. Even when we fail.

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